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Success Stories

Wendy Moorcroft

I had never really done any sort of fitness and over the years the weight and cellulite started to become more noticeable… Having the lifestyle I have being abroad a lot and entertaining guests! Oh and enjoying a few vodkas!! I was worried about joining as I thought I would be l

Julie Brooking

Before I started training with Inspirational Fitness and Health I was overweight, had bad eating habits and no inclination to exercise and keep it up
I had reservations about joining because i thought i would be unable to keep up with all the other people because I was so unfit, but I

Demelza Stevenson

I stumbled across Petra and Inspirational Fitness completely by accident. After losing 4 stone in the past but putting 3.5 back on I was getting desperate again. I found Petra on Facebook and straight away I was impressed with her down to earth and realistic attitude. I was very nervo

Pauline Giles Founder of Bosom Buddies UK

Taking Tamoxifen to keep the cancer at bay meant that I was susceptible to weight gain. Being a bit of a maverick that wasn’t going to happen so Bootcamp seemed the answer! I run like Dick Emery and I was a bit concerned if I would keep up, but to be fair there was always a real

Nikky Richards

Before I started training a was struggling to join my seven year old son in any games that involved any form of fitness. I was alway the one that was left behind with the bags and coats whilst son and husband where off running across the beach, field or whatever. Now after 4 months, I

Kerrie Hughes

Before I started with inspirational fitness, I was stuck in a rut with no go, no energy and feeling frumpy most of the time!!
Before joining I thought I would be the fattest and frumpiest, with the least fitness behind me!!! I over come this by the support of Petra! The best bit of Th

Hannah Lodwick

I was very happy with everything in my life but there was one thing that was really bugging me, as you can imagine after having 3 children I had lost a lot of muscle tone and just didn’t feel myself so I wanted to change and decided to try boot camp. I was working 40 hrs a week and ha

Tim Stott

Before Bootcamp I was lethargic and did not feel I could get fit. I was worried that I would be the only guy there but found there were a few already going. I was always valued and welcomed by all the lovely ladies.I enjoyed the sessions and it has given me the will and energy to keep

Kym Halstead

Before joining inspirational _fitness and health my health was atrocious! After being diagnosed with an immune system disease and suffering with my joints and muscles my fitness levels deteriorated. I never really left the house and had no motivation whatsoever. My main reservations w

Kay McGougan

I was unfit, lacked confidence, was overweight and feeling depressed about it but lacked the willpower to do anything about it. I was afraid that the Bootcamp sessions would be cliquey and I wouldn’t fit in. Also thought I was too old to change my bad living ways. The best bit o


I was having lots of issues caused by stiffness in my shoulders and lower back. I was worried treatment could aggravate the problem! Def give it a try as Petra can adapt her massage to work around your injury using different techniques! My shoulders now feel more flexible and I know I

Sarah Hansen

Things were pretty bad before I started having massage with inspirational fitness. I had extreme pain in my lower back and also in my shoulders. This was effecting my mobility and ability to drive long distances. I had no real reservations about having treatments with you, if any it w