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About Petra


We believe in a future of happiness, where women can join together in solidarity for a healthier world.

It’s not easy being a woman these days, diet, lifestyle and illness can make health and fitness a non-priority but we believe that needs to change. This is why we focus on working with people who need support, inspiration and above all, education to make the right choices for a more fulfilling life.

Created by Petra Rowden-Harvey, Inspirational Fitness has become a lifestyle for hundreds of women across Cornwall.

With her larger than life personality and her personal dedication towards fitter and healthier lives she is one of Cornwall’s most sought after personal trainer and fitness provider.

Treating each client like a member of the family she will run that extra mile with you because she wants you to achieve your dreams and hit your targets one after another.

Petra’s unique style when it comes to fitness has been applauded around the Duchy because she truly cares about her work. It’s not all about just becoming thinner in a matter of a few weeks for Petra, it’s about making life changing choices that will impact on the way you live, for the rest of your life.