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Sports Massage

After all of your hard work training getting your health-life on track, sometimes you will need to unwind, but with purpose! Sports Massage, applied skilfully, is an incredibly effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to your body.

Having regular sports massage helps to prevent injuries, which can be caused by overuse. A build up of tension in the muscles from sporting activity may lead to stresses on the joints, ligaments, tendons, and the muscles themselves.

A step away from a regular massage, a sports massage has impact and purpose, aligning your body to adapt and adjust to regular workouts.

Petra is fully qualified, sensitive and aware of women who are working out and their body-alignment requirements.


Petra is also available for home visits if required (will incur travel costs depending on location).

• First Appointment (includes posture analysis) – £45.00 (60mins)
• Subsequent appointments – £35.00 (45mins)
• Pre-book 6 appointments – £180.00

Telephone: 07789991391

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Cornwall Sports Massage and Back Pain Clinic

Phoenix Commercial Centre

69 Fore Street

St Stephen

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Massage Success Stories

  • Peter Churchill

    There are so many different sports masseuse around its always hard to find the one that will work best with myself. Petra talked me through each step of her treatment process and it worked wanders! Just Sit down, have a consultation and get everything on the table, Petra has a high enough skill set to reiterate if she will be able to help you! No false promises is a massive bonus! I have gone from having no mobility within my hip

  • Claire Todd

    As a runner my legs get very sore and achey, particularly after a race, having a monthly sports massage with Petra has helped to improve the condition of my legs and makes them feel wonderful again. Petra also treats my whole body, which helps to keep me in tip top shape.  Do not hesitate, you will be amazed at how good you feel afterwards.

  • Zena

    I was having lots of issues caused by stiffness in my shoulders and lower back. I was worried treatment could aggravate the problem! Def give it a try as Petra can adapt her massage to work around your injury using different techniques! My shoulders now feel more flexible and I know I can call on Petra any time I feel I need a top up of massage if I feel stiff!

  • Sarah Hansen

    Things were pretty bad before I started having massage with inspirational fitness. I had extreme pain in my lower back and also in my shoulders. This was effecting my mobility and ability to drive long distances. I had no real reservations about having treatments with you, if any it was just because I had never been treated by you before. Best bit of the journey so far was seeing the results, I had a lot less pain and movement throughout

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