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Success Stories

Elise Alma

I set myself a challenge of running a half marathon and realised I would not be able to do this alone so engaged Petra. I went from a completely unfit and overweight person with no confidence about being able to reach my goal to someone who has not only achieved the half marathon but

Julie  Piers

I have just finished my first bootcamp with Petra and will be signing up again. I run regularly but had lost my motivation, Petra has given it back!!!! I now go to Bootcamp in the morning at 6.15am and run at night!!! Plus I have lost inches, this is the first exercise class that I ha

Kylie Johns 

Well, well,well what can I say?????…………………. This was my 1st experience of BOOTCAMP and I have to admit that I thought I was relatively fit, how deluded was I!! Bootcamp is a real hard workout but so much fun at the same time, and I love the fa


I’ve been really amazed by the quick results & almost instant feel good of the bootcamp. I had got into really bad habits & a few simple exercises and nutritional changes has made the world of difference. Of course it helps to have such a motivational leader. Well done P

Sybilla Davis 

I’m on my second Boot Camp and despite having to turn out come rain or shine I am really enjoying it! I find that I can now run further and am proud of myself that I am able to keep up better and do the exercises quite well. I feel so much fitter and have more energy – the

Kath Brusby

Hey folks, well i completed the first course of boot camp, and i must say how impressed i have been, with the way Petra motivates us all and works us hard during the training sessions, she is always coming up with new and varied excersises, i didn’t think i would loose many inch

Jenn Bennetto

I really enjoy working out and doing fitness and it has been part of my weekly routine for years. I was starting to get bored and a bit complacent, I didn’t know if I was doing my exercise effectively. Bootcamp was the perfect challenge to push my fitness to the max and get thos


I have been overweight my entire adult life and I try diets and new keep fit regimes but get bored and lose motivation after a few weeks. I am loving bootcamp and have just signed up for my 3rd month. I have lost 10 1/2 lbs and 30 inches in the first 2 months and am looking forward to


Hi all, I was introduced to bootcamp by a very satisfied and happy friend who looks amazing having been to bootcamp for a couple of months and decided this was the way to go. I don’t like exercise and am lazy but after completing two months myself now the results speak volumes I

Frances Roberts

​The best thing about personal training, for me, has been the one-to-one support and guidance that I have received with Inspirational Fitness. I think it’s especially useful if you’re a bit shy about your shape or lack of fitness, as you can work to your own level. My training hasn’t

Hayley Auguard

Before I started at Bootcamp I felt really down about my size, couldn’t fit in any of my clothes, my asthma & allergies were bad & generally felt really bad all round! I’ve always hated going to the gym or any kind of classes as I always used to think people were l

Peter Churchill

There are so many different sports masseuse around its always hard to find the one that will work best with myself. Petra talked me through each step of her treatment process and it worked wanders! Just Sit down, have a consultation and get everything on the table, Petra has a high en

Claire Todd

As a runner my legs get very sore and achey, particularly after a race, having a monthly sports massage with Petra has helped to improve the condition of my legs and makes them feel wonderful again. Petra also treats my whole body, which helps to keep me in tip top shape.  Do not hesi

Helena Giles

Bootcamp gave a great confident image to others but was starting to struggle with keeping it up. Heard about the reputation of the all or nothing bootcamp style. Took a deep breath and dived in. Petra is very supportive and understanding of personal issues but will kick your ass if yo

Alex Burley

I’d lost a lot of weight in a short space of time and was pretty unhealthy and unfit. Had done a bit of exercise but not much.  My main reservations were mainly could I actually do proper exercise when I’d been unfit most of my life. Also would I make a prat if myself tryi

Sam Bray

Before I joined Inspirational fitness I lacked confidence and hated my appearance. I wasn’t sure it would be something I could stick too… I hate now if I have to miss a workout. The best bit has been the massive boost to my energy levels. YOU MUST COME! It’s fantasti

Antonia Edvyean

I was feeling pretty bad, I was considerably overweight and feeling really quite down about it. I was a typical emotional eater and whenever I felt down I’d reach for the stodgy sugary foods to feel better. But would then feel bad because I was eating rubbish and putting on weig

Heidi Mallider

Before joining Bootcamp I had no motivation, lots of weight had gone on was very unhappy was comfort eating because i couldn’t find any other way to help me, very emotional, had to do something. I always did exercise on my own never wanted to join a club but have to say I was so

Jessica Ratty

Pretty bad – I thought I was going to be “larger than life” forever! I was a bit intimidated, I thought everyone would be fitter than me – but I got the courage to go and was delighted by Petra and the people I was training with – we were all there for th

Justine Kellow

I wanted to get fit and loose weight but always found an excuse not to. Before joining the Bootcamp sesions I wondered if it would it work for me and what would the other women be like – but I have now seen huge benefits from workouts suited to all levels and group amazing The b

Demelza Stevenson

I was fat, overweight and really miserable. I would not go out as I looked hideous in everything. I hated shopping as nothing nice would fit me. I would get out of breath doing the smallest of thing 
I wanted to look good naked. I hated the fact that I felt uncomfortable getting undre

Yvonne Howells

Before I started boot camp my weight and health were spiraling out of control.   I had always been overweight, but had always been fit, I was previously a black belt instructor in Tang so Do. However I then had a double Mastectomy in 2011 (like Angelina Jolie) and this takes a lot of

Shar Gardiner

For a couple of months leading up to Christmas I had been watching what I was eating and exercising and tracking both using but I wasn’t losing any weight. Despite being under my calorie allowance I never lost a pound for 6 weeks. I was nervous as I thought the

Hayley Auguard

Before I started Bootcamp, I felt really down about my weight. I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes & hated going out because of it – every time I got dressed I’d have a battle with my wardrobe & feel huge! Not only was I overweight but my health wasn’